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This needs to be brief. Yeah, good luck with that. I’ve almost got through cleaning my house but still have my bedroom and bathroom to go and it’s getting late.

But first I have to share a miracle.

Granted, Shy and Latte have left a good deal of space between themselves, but still, truly a switch from a generally pouncing puppy and hissing kitty. Oh, and that green thing is a chewed up leaf. Hey, miracles do  not necessarily mean perfection.

So here’s the poem of the day. I actually wrote this last week when I wasn’t having such a great day.

Black and White
Things I hate about life:
Rude, thoughtless people
Health care
Holding you by your privates
Unrelenting busyness

Fast food
Back stabbing
Turf wars
Booming vibrating bass 
From a neighboring car
Greed and selfishness

Things I love about life:
It’s complexity
It’s lines and flow
It’s fragile dependency

Eyes that meet
Shared humanity

Cake and ice cream
Cornflake scented paws
Puppy kisses
Softness of a horse muzzle
Changing seasons and cycles
Cotton ball clouds
Black and white
Mix into
Shades of gray

Captured and held

Become stars
A dark sky

I did a very bad thing or a very good thing, depending on how you look at it. Anyway, I got a puppy.

I have no idea what she is, and it’s a little disconcerting to not know at all what I am dealing with, but you all know what a risk taker I am. The rescue group got her from a high kill shelter in Kentucky just a week ago. She came with another female litter mate, who from the looks of the two together, you would never guess they were related – different fur texture and color, and different facial features and paw size.

They are guessing she’s 4 months old. I’m guessing she’s younger, maybe 3 months. But I’m basing that on Java’s behavior at 4 months. Java was a much more developed dog. In other words, she understood walking on a leash, was super at riding in a car, and was more confident and relaxed, and did not have puppy poop.

Puppy attack! (that black thing is Java)

But Java was equally un-house trained. And this puppy may just be suffering from a great deal of change in a short amount of time and simply be a smaller breed with a different personality.

I was expecting more crying over her lost litter mate, but she seems to be doing okay with that, although there was a great deal of crying during the night, but I’ve been through much worse. At least she slept for 2 to 4 hours between whining fits that only lasted a few minutes.

She is funny and playful; her short-legged, piston run is downright hilarious.

Java’s not sure what she thinks yet. 

I think things will be better when the puppy gets bigger because right now, Java tends to overwhelm her and knock her down at times.

“Follow me!” says Java.

Picture puppy madly chasing Java; Java turning; puppy madly trying to run away from black, hairy missile bearing down on her.

There have been some food and toy disagreements but no biting or harm. Just solid warnings that the puppy has been smart enough to listen to.

This is what Shy thinks of the puppy so far.

I’m struggling with a name. I wanted to stay with the beverage theme and perhaps go to a tea. Roxanne at Champion of My Heart had suggested Chai when I was just having duo doggy dreams, and I loved that idea until I started to call the puppy and realized how much “Chai” sound like “Shy”, the cat’s name.

I’ve had a suggestion of “Venti”, a Starbucks coffee size, and Yerba, a type of herbal tea which I found described on one site as “a combination of lightly smoked wood, weak coffee and flavored hay.” Yum.

I have also considered Latte. I will have to try a few on for size. See how they sound when yelled across the back yard.

Prior to puppy arrival, I caught a few solo Java shots. Almost looks like Spring, doesn’t it?

But there is still a bit of snow around. Java was having a moment of indecision – bone or Frisbee?

Bone, definitely bone.

Then again…


I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat, cough, and runny nose. Maybe this has been the problem all along, why I’ve been so drained — impending germs. Something that can be cured with vitamin C, hot tea with honey (maybe a little brandy), naps — that would be good.

But it was about 30 degrees outside and Java was looking at me with those big, imploring eyes, so after stopping at the drug store to pick up more vitamin C, Java and I headed to the Rum River park.

We haven’t been there since I moved out of the old house. Somehow it looked more brown and dreary than I remember it. Maybe that’s just winter.

Maybe it’s that I’m looking to see something different and grand and breathtaking and there just isn’t anything that moves me right now.

Speaking of not moving… This is what I live next to. Thought I’d throw it in here. I liked the shadows from the trees…

Since the Rum River was completely frozen and there just wasn’t much to look at,  I took Java portraits. She had kind of a thoughtful, contemplative look at the river today. Maybe she sees memories and ghosts too.

I just had my cheapy pocket camera but still, the lighting turned out weird, but kind of cool, like a white out or fog.

Java heard snowmobiles on the river and was trying to picture how big of a mosquito could make that much noise. This one is my favorite.

Then the wind picked up and flapped Java’s ears and hair a bit.

By the time we got home, the snowflakes that were just barely visible at the park had picked up some heft. Java is so funny with her toys. She has a hard time deciding which one she wants to play with. So she keeps them close together so she can switch toys as her mood changes.

First came the stick, of course.

Then the ball.

And then the frisbee.

I’ve spent the weekend quietly. I’d decided to just be with the feelings I’ve been having lately, rather than trying to run away from them, fix them, or drown them with wine and chocolate.

Of course, I wasn’t planning on the distraction of a cold. Regardless, I think it helped to slow down a bit and not do so much. To just kind of be and try to accept who I am, who I’m becoming, and what my life is and will be.

I’m still waiting for answers, but just read in a book that “looking is not waiting.”


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