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Java and I took a walk at the Rum River at 9 AM. The temperature was only in the low 40s and there was a chilly wind. Quite a switch from the 70s and even 80s that we had earlier in the week. But mostly sunny so that made it still gorgeous out.
The clouds painted soft-white, cottony color into the slow moving river.
Java watched a pair of ducks take off from the water.
Then went back to sniffing along the river edge.
Off in the woods, tree shadows reached across our path. Eeery…

After our walk, Java and I sat in the car looking at the trees and listening to the frogs and birds serenade us. I drank my coffee and ate my two chocolate chip, oatmeal cookies. Hey, they have oatmeal in them so that makes them unequivocally — breakfast food. After taking in nourishment, we headed for the library. 
I had a book to drop off there and a reserved book to pick up. The instructor for the class I recently took mentioned this author, Kenneth Atchity. The book looks interesting and the title, “A Writer’s Time”, how could I resist?
Java drank a lot of water after her walk at the Rum, so I took her for a walk on a trail behind the library. The trees there are mainly oak. The shadows reminded me of the spidery pattern of a cracked wind pane.
One tree had a branch hanging straight down; the darkness of the bark stood out against the layered blues of the sky.
After the library, it was about noon so I stopped at Panera for a sandwich, salad combo. Java immensely enjoyed the baquette that came with the salad. Note to self: if you plan to eat a sandwich while driving, don’t get chicken salad. Very messy.
I drove to Fleet Farm to get wormer and a bucket of Strongid C for the horses. I know, I’m a bit late on the worming, but not by much by Minnesota standards. My vet isn’t even coming out for shots until May. I also picked up horsey treats and a new red collar for Java. She looks so lovely in red.
Upon returning home, I got to work on Easter.

I’m not nearly as imaginative as Far Side of Fifty. I love her idea of egging the neighbors. My preparation consisted of making Polish Beet Relish to put on eggs, ham, and sausages.

Boiling some eggs and coloring them. I tried to get creative and failed miserably.

I also baked a couple loaves of bread. And practiced my choir music for tomorrow’s service. It’s going to be quite the vocal workout.

One of the wonderful things about where I work is that we are closed for Good Friday. So I managed to fit in a ride on Luke yesterday. No photos while riding as it was very windy, making for a somewhat rough ride, with a few unexpected turns and bursts of energy. Yee! Haw!

Also cleaned out the garden of the 3 foot weeds and turned the soil with some help. The weeds were bad because I didn’t put anything in the garden last year. I figured why bother if the place is going to be sold during the summer. More shadows…

But it didn’t sell. So the new tactic is that if I do put in a garden that I won’t reap the benefits of until July or August, the house will certainly sell before then. I may be filled with more optimism and joy lately, but I’m not silly enough to believe that all “irony” has been completely eradicated from my life. 
But like I’ve said before, I’m arriving at an appreciation for both the sun and the shadows.

It reached the low 70s today.
Cloudy and muggy but an event just the same.

The warm, humid weather has brought out the gnats already.

As I rush around after work each day, it seems like there is too much to do and not nearly enough time. I’m sure no one out there can relate to this feeling.

It would be so nice to work part time… just for a year… if only…

With so much spinning in my head, I needed some quiet walk time. Time to listen to frogs and birds and look in the woods for interesting angles

And textures


And fuzz

Java was her usual blurry bundle of buzzing busyness.

While I found some peace to take back home with me.

At 7 AM Saturday morning, it was 18 degrees. It was feeling like winter again. Back to plugging in the heaters.

Tank heater

Bucket heater

Kitty water bowl heater

And barn pump heater
The mud froze into a rough, uneven, twisted ankle hazard.

But Java was thrilled to find a new cache of poopsicles.

Between having lunch with a friend and going to an extra afternoon choir rehearsal today, Java and I went for a walk at the Rum River.

The river is high but it has dropped some since yesterday. You can tell how much if you look closely at the trees and see the wet bark, showing how high the river had been.

The walking path disappeared in a couple places. Here Java and I were able to go off to the side of the path to make our way around the water.

Here we had to go quite a bit off course, taking a horse trail uphill and around.

Some of the horse trails were flooded also.

At the worst spot of flooding, a woman was sitting beside the river and she told me, “This is as far as I could go so I thought I’d just sit and contemplate. There is something so beautiful about the river when it’s like this.”

And she’s right. This isn’t a raging flooded river, like the ones that make the news. It’s come up into the flood plains, with no danger of flooding anyone’s home or washing any cars away. And it is beautiful and amazing — the cycle of things — the ebb and flow.

Sorry, I’m waxing poetic on you. Mainly because I don’t know how to describe the way that rivers make me feel.

They each have their own personality, some just amble peacefully along like the Rum, while others are filled with rapids and sharp rocks. And just like humans, rivers are changeable. There are times of flood and times of drought and the resulting algae filled sludgyness.

And as I watch the river I only know that it is going somewhere — I’m not sure where. And maybe that explains the kinship I feel.

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