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Murphy is taking a load off and trying to snooze..

horse laying down

“This is odd,” thinks Java. “Hey! Murphy! Is something wrong with you?”

horse and dog

“Hey! I’m talking to you!”

horse and dog

“This is way too boring. Maybe if I run past Luke with this hunk of paper I can stir up some kind of game.”

horse and dog

“No! Luke! Hey! I’m behind you! You’re going the wrong way!”

horse and dog

“What do I have to do to get your attention?”
horse and dog
“I have secrets I can tell you. I know you never get in the house. Did you know that…”

horse and dog

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

horse and dog

“Oh, Lord, please don’t cry! I get enough of that from the lady of the house.”

horse and dog

After only two days of supporting new software users, I’m exhausted. Today I had three people fighting over me to come fix problems or show them how to do something. Hectic, but it was nice to be able to help people figure things out. I love troubleshooting and solving problems! I wish I got to do it more.
I’ve discovered that walking on cement floors all day makes your feet hurt. When I stepped out of bed this morning it actually felt like the bottom of my feet were bruised.
And the rain! I feel like one of the early pioneer women stuck out on the prairie by herself being driven insane by the wind, only with me, it’s the constant rain. Which results in the mud!


Java likes the mud.

dog in puddle

Shy, not so much. She’s hiding out in one of the sheds.

cat hiding

I was hoping the hay would be delivered before I had to put more manure into the tractor bucket, but I had to clean out stalls to bring the horses out of the mud again. They were happy to come in and eat.

horse eating

I kept Java in the house today. Good thing because the kennel was about bent in half with the weight of the rain collected in the tarp. I don’t know how the tarps that come with kennels manage to not end up like this. Or do they? Maybe they have a framework of support that holds the tarp up and keeps the kennel pushed out. I’ll have to think about that one because this certainly won’t work with snow either.

kennel collapsing from rain

Yesterday was a strange weather day. It started out cool. Then the sun came out around noon and it got darn warm. Then a wind came up around 3:00. A COLD wind! And then a COLD rain.

I ended up running around like a crazy woman trying to batten down the hatches! I brought my three measly plants into the garage as it was supposed to drop to 38 degrees at night.

protecting plants

I took the umbrella out of the table on the deck as it looked like it was going to Mary Poppins out of there. I brought the chair cushions in because they were blowing away.

I cleaned out the pool skimmers and the surface of the pool of all the leaves, pine needles, and those darn whirly bird seed things so as not to clog up the filters.

Then I cleaned stalls and brought the horses in because they were running around like the devil was chasing them.

I brought the plants that were out on the deck inside the house but the plants around the pool just had to fend for themselves. I couldn’t stand to haul anything more.

I tried to capture the wind in a photo but you just can’t get the true effect. I should have recorded it because it was LOUD. Kept me up most of the night. Which wasn’t good as this is my busy week and I had to start my day at 4 AM.

windy day

I rode Murphy and Luke in the ring before the weather got real bad. You can see it was warm from the sweat running down by Murphy’s eyes. I think the horses are already building up a winter coat as they don’t look as sleek as they did just a few weeks ago.

sweat on horse's brow

Murphy is gazing longingly out of the ring.

horse in bridle

Luke didn’t get much of a workout as the wind was starting to pick up in big gusts after about 30 minutes of riding.

horse in bridle

The changeability of the weather yesterday is why I stayed at home with the horses. I didn’t want to be at a park if things got ugly. Glad I listened to my instincts for once.

It remained windy, cool and cloudy today. The pool skimmers were so full of debris that I could barely lift the basket out and my hands were freezing!

In the spirit of the cold snap, I collected some pine cones that were on the ground and put them in a basket. Don’t they look Christmasy? Really, they just smelled so good — natural pine air freshner.

pine cones

I had some comments today from Lytha, a Horse Crazy American in Germany. That’s what I love about blogging, you get to cyber-meet people from all over the place!

It’s so interesting to get a glimpse of life somewhere else, to read about another horse or dog lover or rancher/farmer in another country. And it’s just as fun and interesting to read about people here, in the states, because there’s just such a variety of climates, landscapes, towns, and ways of doing things.

Everyone has a unique story and viewpoint to share. You make me want to run around the country and see all the cool things you photograph and describe in your blogs.

After a stress-filled day at work, you give me something beautiful to look at or a photo or story to laugh about.

Okay, I’m kind of sleep-deprived and rambling. But I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you. =D
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