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I was able to go to “Cavalia” last Saturday with my friend Cheryle and her husband and that guy you’ve seen in a few photos. I’m not sure whether he wants to “publicly” be a part of my life but hanging around me is, well, kind of public.

We started out the evening by having dinner at Toby Keith’s, not Toby’s actual house (although I’m sure he’d love to have us over) but the restaurant. We were very disappointed when we found the bull ride we’d heard about was not there. Dang! The only attraction was the young waitresses running around in microscopic shorts. But we all went there for the food, don’t ya know. Regardless of the atmosphere, the salmon Cheryle and I had was supreme!

You can’t take photos of the Cavalia performance so all I have is photos of the printed canvases you see as you work your way into the tent.

I don’t even know how to describe the show or I how I feel about it. There were several women around me that were teary-eyed because the horses and the interaction between the horses and humans was so touching and beautiful.

Even if you didn’t like horse (I can’t even imagine), the artistry and acrobatic feats were enough to keep you utterly entranced.

I am still trying to figure out how they did some things like there was some sort of mist coming down that they used to project images of horses walking across the stage — very haunting and mystical. And on a more basic level, how was it that none of the horses ever pooped on stage?

I loved the lady that stood on the backs of two side-by-side horses with two more horses in front that she drove at a high speed around the stage. This woman looked so happy and wild. It was a perfect expression of the unbridled joy and freedom you feel around horses — at least on a good horsey day.

(photo of photo in the event program)

Cheryle and I tried to emulate some of the trick western riding the day after the show but all I could manage was to gallop Luke around the outdoor arena while whooping and hollering and waving my hand above my head. Luke seemed to enjoy this non-dressage move.

Cheryle did some kind of graceful canter along the long side of the arena while she performed a kind of parade float wave. You know the kind I’m talking about…

Anyway, the joy and fun was on our faces and I wish we had it on video. Instead, you’ll have to settle for this exciting clip of Luke eating an apple. Tis the season!

I’m in such a strange place. When haven’t I been? But this is perplexing in its uniqueness to my usual strangeness.

I don’t want to be on my computer any more than I have to lately. I try to write, edit photos, read email, catch up with people but just the sitting down at my computer makes me feel overwhelmed. Too much data. Too much to keep up on.

Rather than push through what I find odd and confusing, since I usually like doing things on my computer, I’m trying to listen to my instincts and live what I’m drawn to at the moment, realizing that this can change again in an instant.

I’m getting that now, not to expect things to remain the same. Not to expect to find “the answer”. To find that one thing that is going to make everything make sense. It’s not bothering me so much because all of it — the good and the bad just is and it’s not so bad.

I went trail riding with friends on Saturday – only the second time I’ve been able to get out this summer.

I was planning on a big bike ride today but it got warm so early that after I walked Latte and Java, I was drawn to sit on the deck and read while sipping lemonade. The Brew Babes were in a similar mood and crawled under the deck to lay in the cool dirt.

I did ride to the bike shop later to get new handle grips and a comfort seat for road biking. Then I made pesto from my over-abundant basil and had it on pasta with sliced up garden tomatoes to boot – amazing! I threw in a spicy Greek basil along with the standard stuff; it definitely added a bite to the flavor. I would have taken photos of my dinner but I ate it up too fast.

I think what I loved most about my meal was that the basil and tomato were from my garden. I love eating things that I’ve grown and cooked up myself. The more that I’ve had to do with my meal, as far as the growing and cooking, the more I like it. I like the hands on, taking my time, aspect to it – the tactile, aromatic, meditative unhurriedness.

I’ll leave you with a couple videos: a brief play in the tall grass moment and a short montage of our trail ride. It’s a wonderful life!

I do need to take more photos of Luke lest you think I’ve forgotten him or something. There certainly hasn’t been much trail riding but the weather is starting to get better so perhaps September will be the month for that. The bugs are awful bad right now though. I’ve been trying out fly leg wraps and a fly sheet this year for the first time ever. Nasty buggers!

I started Luke on a mixture of glucosamine, MSM, and such mumbo jumbo a couple weeks ago as he’s felt so stiff this summer. Not off or anything but just not as loose and free moving as he had been. The supplement really does seem to be helping him and riding has been more pleasant as a result.

Last weekend, a friend and I took Java and Latte to the Rum River for a walk. I wore my water-resistant hiking shoes as the river had been pretty darn flooded last time I was there. Any excuse to put these babies back on.

See the arrows pointing out where the walking path disappears and reappears? That’s how the river was a couple weeks ago.

And this was how the fishing dock looked. The girls and I had to take lots of uphill detours.

But it was not so bad on this walk. Just some silt left behind.

Plenty of cheery flowers

And a picture of me and the girls. 

I’m trying to get more photos of me amongst all the “place” photos. So someday I can remember what I was like way back when. Gotta love the big sweat mark on the front of my shirt…

On Sunday, I read that the Twin Cities Photography Group was going to Hot Sams, which is a treasure trove of old cars, antiques, and cool stuff to buy, take photographs of and pose people with if you happen to bring models along. My nieces would love posing for photos in this place!

I’ll say more about that field trip and show more photos in a couple days so this doesn’t get too long, but here’s are a few samples:

Smiley Flower
 Flowers in the rust
 Giant Guitar
 Truck Rust