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dog in woods

“Feel lucky for what you have when you have it. Isn’t that the point? Happily ever after doesn’t mean happy forever. The ever after, what precisely was that? Your dreams, your life, your death, your everything. Was it the blank space that went on without us? The forever after we were gone?” ~ The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

One person can stand in the middle of a forest feeling panicked and confused. “Where am I?” she says.

Desperately looking from side to side, turning in circles, then looking to the sky for the sun to tell her which way is east or west — whatever difference that makes since she doesn’t know which direction she’s been traveling.

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dog at Mississippi River

From what I’ve been reading in blog posts and elsewhere, I’m not the only one struggling to figure out how life works since we changed our clocks to Not-Normal-Time.

A lot of people are finding their usual mode of operation is insufficient. Life feels off kilter — like when you change which side of the bed you sleep on and wake up trying to figure out where you are, banging your knee on the dresser as you lose your balance crossing the room.

Nothing looks or feels quite the same. The world has tilted.

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truck driving

I know it’s not my usual mode, but we all have our breaking point. I’m overwhelmed. Okay, so perhaps this is not unusual for me, but I seem to have entered a new level of being mind blown. Perhaps you can relate.

I tackled the problem by OD-ing on various books and online wisdom, trying to find the secret to curing misery. What I discovered is that conversation may be the best cure of all.

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